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ASP Hall of Fame, 2005

2005 ASP Hall of Fame Inductees

by Dennis Reinhardt
ASP Board Chairman
Association of Software ProfessionalsAt the SIC luncheon Friday July 15, 2005, Jerry Stern, Chris Thornton, and Steve Pavlina were inducted into the ASP Hall of Fame (www.asp-shareware.org/membership/asphof.asp) J

Jerry Stern: Jerry joined the ASP in 1992 and took over as ASPects editor in 1997, a position he has held continuously to the present.

Jerry plays a central role in publishing ASPects on a demanding 12 issue per year schedule. He recruits authors, edits submissions, does the page layout, and secures the printing. He has scanned past issues and published the entire history of ASPects on CD and the ASP web site so that new members have full access to ASP history.

Beyond ASPects, Jerry is often key to insuring that seasonal activities within the ASP are started and completed on time. Indeed, you might well be reading this writeup in next month’s ASPects had Jerry not reminded the board that publication deadlines for the first post-SIC issue are two weeks before SIC itself. Jerry is not shy about expressing his opinion when something is (usually) a bad idea and will tell you why point for point. His opinions are based on long experience with ASP boards and are a valuable contribution and balance to members who serve with a shorter perspective.

Jerry has been self-employed for over 14 years as a computer consultant specializing in system configuration and security, ASPects editor, and shareware author. He has authored over 100 magazine articles (www.graphcat.com/docs/articles.html) and his current shareware titles are FileTiger and Graphcat.

The ASP is proud to recognize Jerry Stern as a 2005 inductee into the ASP Hall of Fame.